Super Bowl LIII {53} Prediction

I have been working on cracking Super Bowl LIII the last couple months and had put out a prediction last month.
As time progresses and more info is brought to light my prediction starts to change.
Of course New England Patriots are always coded to go to the Super Bowl but so are several other teams. I will not put my final prediction out until closer to the start of the season.
My prediction beginning of the year last year was incorrect being Steelers verse the Cowboys but come Super Bowl 52 I guaranteed that the Eagles would defeat the Patriots which happened.
This year I can not rush my pick and pick it in May like I did earlier so instead I will but my Final Super Bowl LIII prediction out late August early September and I am hitting it this year.
Just like I will hit my World Series Prediction I put out right before the beginning of the MLB season between the Red Sox verse Cubs in 2017 for the 2018 World Series.
So to make things clear...
I will not put my Final Super Bowl LIII prediction…

MLB All Star Game - 7/17 ~ Decode

I put this up planning to look into it tomorrow if the time I plan for it works out.
For now any Information post below...

Check back tomorrow before the game.

Good Luck

2018 World Cup Prediction

Decoded winner of the 20-18 FIFA Cup.

Start of the (16) Knock Out Round

Winner:  FRANCE  ~πŸ’²πŸ’°πŸ’²* FFF

MLB 7/13 (Friday the 13th) ~ Blue Jays/Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays 
@ Boston Red Sox 
Quick Breakdown:
Happ with a loss will be 10-6 (16) Price with a win will be 10-6 (16)
Happ (Toronto) on start (19) Price (Red Sox)  on start (19) Blue Jays get (19th) road Win.
Happ can get all time win 103 (13) Red Sox can get hime loss (13) Toronto can make the 2018 series in Boston with a win 1-3 (13) Last match up was 1 month (13) days ago.
Boston have won the last (5) series games.

I got Red Sox verse Cubs in the World Series  I decoded a Cubs game a few days ago Check prior post for outcome.

Good Luck.

Biggest Watch Dates put out yet....

July 27th - August 4th

MLB (7/9) ~ Giants/Cubs

Chicago Cubs 
San Francisco Giants 

Quick Breakdown:

Today is 7/9 (79)
(79) is the [22]nd prime 
Suarez (S.F.) B/D is in 2 months 2 days [22] 
Cubs road record is (23-21)
Cubs next road loss this season is [22]
Cubs lead the 2018 series  (2-1)
Cubs loss the 2018 series will be 2-2 [22]
Chicago loss road record is 23-22
Backwards  (223)
(223) is the [48th] prime 
S.F. Giants can get season win [48]

Bonus coding...

#28 Hendricks (Chi.)
#59 Suarez (S.F.)

Hendricks all time record is 43-30
#59 - #28 = #(31)
Hendricks can get all time loss (31)
Hendricks is 5-8 on the season 
He can go (5-9) -vs- #59 with a loss tonight 
Giants win there season record is 48-(45)
Suarez with a win becomes 4-5 (45)

Free Pick: San Francisco Giants 

MLB 2018 World Series Prediction

Boston Red Sox 
Chicago Cubs 

Nothing changed.