MLB πŸ’°-Plays - The Rest of April

As for MLB coding I am still trying to find a consistent system.
So for the rest of April I will be cutting the πŸ’° plays down to (5) a game.

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Also after further coding I am placing my pick on the 2 teams to be in this years World Series 

This is my final call.....

2018 World Series prediction is

Boston Red Sox 
Chicago Cubs 

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NBA - Home Court - Discussion Game 2 & 3

Series West

Golden StateWarriors 
San Antonio Spurs 

GSW lead (2-0)

Portland Trail blazers 
New Orleans Pelicans 

N.O. leads (2-0)

Oklahoma City Thunder 
Utah Jazz

Tied (1-1)

Houston Rockets 
Minnesota Timberwolves 

Houston leads (2-0)

Series East

Toronto Raptors 
Washington Wizards 

Raptors lead (2-0)

Philadelphia 76ers
Miami Heat 

Series tied (1-1)

Boston Celtics 
Milwaukee Bucks 

Celtics lead (2-0)

Cleveland Cavaliers 
Indiana Pacers 

Series tied (1-1) 

I will not be putting out πŸ’° plays every-day unless I find winners.

Teams I expect to win there series 


Things can change πŸ’°

πŸ’° - NBA - Cavaliers/Pacers - ⛤πŸ—

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NBA Playoffs First Round Discussion Thread

First Round Discussion...

MLB/NBA/NHL Discussion Thread - 4/21/4/22

4/21 - 21/4Date Numerology  43, 63, 18 (111)th day of the year  (254) days left in the year.
Queen Elizabeth II (92)nd Birth Day 
Prince died 2 years ago to the day 730 days ago - 4/21/16

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MLB πŸ’°-play - 4/20

πŸ”’πŸ’°-play In.

(4) spots left

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I limit each πŸ’° play to (5) people max

4/19 MLB - Blue Jays/Yankees - Pick

Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees 

Quick Breakdown:

Blue Jays franchise loss (3280)
Sebathia (NY) gets career win (238)

Sebathia  debut was 4/8/01 (184) backwards  (184)
Yankees franchise win (10184) 

Pick: New York Yankees