NFL ~ TNF (Week Seven) - Broncos/Cardinals

NFL Week Seven (7)
Thursday Night Football (10/18) [118]
Denver leads series  (8-1-1)  [811]

Denver Broncos 
Arizona Cardinals 

Top Breakdown:

Thursday Night Football Team records:

Denver [11] (6-5)
{ With a loss go 6-6, [66] Date Numerology of  (66) }

Arizona  [8] (4-4)

The game now...

Last franchise game was 10/5/14
Game was 3795 days apart (379)5

Odds come in at
(301) Denver Broncos 
(302) Arizona Cardinals 
Like (301) makes a [31]Denver Broncos can get all time franchise win playoffs included of 
(496) the [31st] triangular number [31]
This is the (11th) series game 
(11th) prime number is  [31]
Broncos get win 496, the [31st] triangular number  [31]
Denver = (31) RFR 

(22) coding ~ Master #
Keenum come in the game with a record of  (22-22)
On his (22nd) road start
Bowlen  (Denver) can get all time loss playoffs included of  (484)
(484) is the [22nd] square [22]
Arizona as the Cardinals gets franchise loss (222)
(23) coding ~
Joesph start (23) 
Keenum  (23-23) playoffs included  (23)
(23) two three(s) (3…

MLB Playoffs (10/15) ~ Brewers/Dodgers

NL game three

Milwaukee Brewers 
Los Angeles Dodgers 


L.A. leads the series  (79-58)
All time L.A. leads (80-59)
In L.A. Dodgers lead (39-40)

L.A. win the series in L.A. will be (40-30) [43]
Game two score L.A. wins (4-3) [43]
Since Buechler debut 9/7/17 it's been a total of  (403) days [43]

L.A. gets win [97] of the season 
Buechler debut was 9/7 [97]

Chacin B/D is in 2 month 23 days from 10/15 (223)
(223rd) prime number is  [48]
Dodgers get home win [48] this week

Chacin with a loss will be 1-1 in the post season  (11) 
(11th) triangular number is [66]
Today date numerology of  [66]

Date Numerology of (66)
Milwaukee gets loss 96 on the season  (96/66)

Chacin B/D 1/7 (17)
(17th) prime number is  [59]
Brewers can get series win [59]

Buechler with a loss will be 0-1 This post season (0-1) backwards [10]
[10th] fibbonicci number is (55)
[10th] triangular number is  (55)

Last series game was 8/2 
L.A. won (21-5)
That game was  (74) days ago 
Dodgers can get loss (74) of the season 
(26th) pr…

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NFL ~ 10/4 ~ TNF - Colts/Patriots - Discussion

Indianapolis Colts 
New England Patriots 

I am almost certain the Patriots win this game tonight. With the odds in double figures it makes it harder to pick the winner ATS ~


Gronkowski is active 
T.Y Hilton is inactive 

Expect the Money to be heavy on N.E. πŸ’²

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